Cris Linares is a passionate advocate for women’s health and empowerment who brings a profound, fun and energetic message  about the ability to turn our fears into freedom and flaws into fiesta.

As a keynote speaker, Cris connects with her audience in a moving, fun, real and powerful way. Her amazing life story, and unique ability to use cutting edge psychology, dance and faith as a creative and practical way to improve women's health, minds and world, makes her one of the most inspiring speakers of our time.

She is one colorful woman — not just because of her big smile, exotic accent, and exuberant personality — but because she’s re-invented herself several times.  She knows success, loss, depression, grief, big change, the pure power of joy, and the body’s ability to heal itself. She believes in the power of women, the beauty of women from the inside out, and the importance of giving back.

Her incredible journey shows us that we all have the power to reinvent ourselves, our career and our lives – we just need to discover ways to unleash it!

“Cris gave a very inspiring message at our event in front of nearly 1,000 attendees. She was energetic, motivating, interactive and very relatable with our audience. I enjoyed working with Cris and her team and would highly recommend her if you are looking for an uplifting speaker!”

-Samantha Bucknell
Special Events Coordinator, Dress for Success

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